Homeless youth would fill the void

OlympiaNovember 24, 2012 

T his past week we heard from some of our elected officials who are upset because their election victory party has been moved out of its traditional location at the state Capitol all the way to St. Martin’s Pavilion in that little hick town of Lacey. They just don’t get it, do they? On Feb. 24, 2013, Entertainment Explosion – a large group of singers and dancers ages 55-86 – will host “A Really Big Shoe 7,” our traditional fundraising concert for the homeless and needy kids in our community. Latest numbers in the eight school districts we serve (Olympia, North Thurston, Tumwater, Shelton, Tenino, Rainier, Yelm, and Rochester) include over 1,550 homeless kids the schools are aware of, and thousands more “needy” and older teenage dropouts served by Community Youth Services. In six years we’ve raised $130,000 for these kids – a mere drop in the bucket for what they actually need for shoes, clothes, food, housing, school supplies, and so on. If any of these out-of-touch-with-reality elected officials really decide to boycott the Lacey party location because they are so upset (boo-hoo-hoo), let us know. I’m sure we could find some homeless kids who would enjoy one free night of food and drinks and warmth and a roof over their heads, even if it’s not a rotunda. Just contact us at entertainmentexplosion.org.

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