Enough sun for some storm cleanup

After a dry Monday and Tuesday, expect rain to return — but only dream about a white Christmas for now

Staff writerNovember 27, 2012 

Thurston County is headed for a second foggy morning today, after another night with temperatures dipping below freezing.

The upside is, another sunny afternoon is also forecast.

The dry start to the week brought people out walking, or working outdoors, including City of Olympia workers who removed dead limbs and storm damage from trees along Legion Way.

But the reprieve is short-lived. More-typical rain is due to return Wednesday and remain through the weekend, wrapping up November and the beginning of December with cool, wet weather.

Monday’s fog was typical for the Olympia area, according to Jeff Michalski, meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Seattle.

“Normally when it’s clear out, that’s the first place to fog in,” he said. The Olympia Airport, where observations are taken, is in a bowl, and cool air pools there, he said.

Today’s fog will be less persistent, Michalski said.

As for the rain, “there’s precipitation every day until early next week,” he said, with not much in the way of breaks. However, temperatures will be slightly warmer, with no expectation of frost.

Speaking of frost, what about a white Christmas?

“Oh gosh, there’s no skill in that forecast that far out,” he said, laughing. “Check back in three and a half weeks.”

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