Power of lobbyists out of control

LaceyNovember 30, 2012 

The political divide is just about where it should be. What’s wrong is the low-brow behavior of the political beasts: the lobbyists, Democrats, Republicans and corporate billions of dollars that control American politics. They take turns selling Washington, D.C., as a tawdry assemblage of masters of manipulation determined to destroy democracy. Corporate money influence and the (so-called) Moral Majority became the biggest players on the D.C. political front in the last 30-40 years.

An unelected conglomeration of lobbyists produced the current master/slave mentality, allowing corporate greed and religious fear to gradually choke our government. The combination of money and fear created our current inequality and gave birth to the unregulated capitalistic greed of the billionaires and CEOs of “Citizens United.” The resulting debacle of 2012 election extravagances’ is an embarrassing example of the lunacy thus created. Clearly the voices money and fear can buy are not the voices America is listening to.

I certainly hope for the re-emergence of the forward-thinking beliefs that used to guide this country. I totally and wholeheartedly embrace the concept of cooperation. We know how small our world is and we haven’t been very good stewards of our home. Too much political bickering with no regard for the choke hold of stagnation it has caused. Perhaps it’s time to open our minds to see beyond the petty differences of political philosophy, to recognize the connections our world requires of its inhabitants. It’s time to cooperate with each other. Enjoy the life!

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