Donate to shelters not panhandlers

OlympiaDecember 1, 2012 

Lately I have noticed many people on street corners and in parking lots holding signs and asking for money. I see so many panhandlers today, I am starting to think that there must be a root cause concerning these people. I see two different types of people out on the street corners. I see some that look like they are having trouble and need help. I also see people who are young and look able. They look qualified to go and get a job and get clothes and food, so why do they panhandle?

It’s hard to tell the difference between the people who need the money to support their family and someone who will just spend the money on drugs. Therefore, I think panhandling should be discouraged. An effort should be made to get these people into homeless shelters where they have access to mental health professionals and job training. Due to the downturn on the economy, I think there are more people living on the streets and depending on panhandling to sustain themselves. If we just put in a little bit more effort concerning these people and instead donate money to the shelters as opposed to the actual person, the donations could be better utilized to better help these less fortunate people. And by doing this I believe that we can change their lives.

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