Olympia needs some creative minds

OlympiaDecember 4, 2012 

T hanks to the whimpering leadership and inept committees, all of our city streets have been changed to one-ways, leading out of this community. Living in Olympia is a death sentence to brilliance, and our most promising minds flee to brighter futures in more inspiring cities. Why this glum predicament? Because our community leaders are those who remained. They fall into a grotesquely archetypical cliches: starry-eyed idealists whose ideas bear no fruit, armchair statesmen who so fear failure that they’ve never witnessed success, and naysayers who advocate only for the devil. So why do I remain? Because hope still resides. In the midst of this perpetual drizzle there are still bursts of genius. Bold and fearless minds who have kindled hope for our town. But they are evaporating. Unable to take root in the wasteland of ineffectual committees that mar this unweeded garden. Let’s hope one of our dwindling champions will light a candle and lead us through the murk.

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