Time to abolish the Electoral College

OlympiaDecember 5, 2012 

A recent letter to the editor suggested that the Electoral College system of a naming a president is no longer valid for our nation. The issue is, as former President Bill Clinton said: “It’s the arithmetic.”

There is quirky arithmetic in the way congressional district boundaries are gerrymandered to favor one party to the detriment of another.

Also, our nation needs to end electing the president by the quirky Electoral College, which is neither a college nor a fair way of reaching a decision. The Constitution allows individual states to design helter-skelter, unequal and unfair ways of appointing their representatives to the Electoral College.

The obsolete presidential electoral system’s most unfair feature is that it totally ignores the popular vote outcome. Popular vote is a basic element of democracy. It’s used to select the president of the local Rotary Club, the president of the elementary school’s sixth grade, city council members and members of state government and Congress. There is no reason that our president shouldn’t be chosen by the popular vote, using our news systems that report the election results even before your coffee gets cold on election night.

Congress is too obtuse to do the job by simple constitutional amendment. The only other way is to get a majority of states to champion a popular election as the correct and only fair exercise of democracy at the national level.

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