So many questions to ponder over Christmas

OlympiaDecember 8, 2012 

I wonder how around every Christmas Americans faithfully watch the 1946 film “It’s a Wonderful Life,” in which kindhearted S&L George Bailey saves his town against the ruthless banker, Mr Potter, while recent decades saw many young wish to “make” their first million by age 30, following in Mr. Potter’s footsteps?

How school, college students high-tech cheat on tests “to make the grade” without sufficiently studying, blowing our minds by their mindless subterfuge?

How legalized pot can be used “recreationally” endangering all public transportation?

How overpopulating, overconsuming, overweight earthlings can seriously think to avoid climate change by merely switching to lower energy light bulbs?

How deafening pulser tones, which critically raise blood pressures, endangering lives, can be tolerated by producers, consumers, society at large? How people can lack circumspection in personal choices the detrimental results of which can impact most of us?

When will the American dream of equal rights/education/work ethics/self-governing responsibilities, honesty, improved infra-structure, renewable power sources in tune with planet Earth beccome realities?

Can President Obama transform all this? I wonder when will ill-gotten billions, prodded by “Christmas Spirit Future” be returned to help squelch our national deficit?

When will we give equal attention to our bodies, minds, souls?

Merry Christmas!

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