No amnesty for pot charges laid in past

December 13, 2012 

John Dodge’s recent article on marijuana possession was interesting and informative. I voted for I-502 and hope we get the federal cooperation to make it work.

As an individual I really don’t have a dog in the fight since my drugs of choice are beer and the occasional cigar. As a taxpaying citizen, however, I have always been concerned that locking someone up for possession is a waste of police, court, confinement and personal resources.

I agree with the governor that she shouldn’t sign something to restore the rights of those convicted of possession in the past. They made a conscious decision to break the law as it stood at the time and that bears consequences.

As Americans we can collectively change dumb laws as we did in this case. We are also obliged to obey them while they are in effect.

If they want their rights restored they need to take the initiative to do it themselves. Personally, I wish them success.

ron waitman


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