Syria doesn’t need gas to kill its citizens

December 15, 2012 

President Barack Obama warned Syria that deploying chemical weapons is “totally unacceptable.” He warned President Bashar Assad that “there will be consequences” if Syria uses any part of its stockpile of chemical weapons against its own people.

Also on Monday, it was reported that the Syrian army used mortars to attack a school and kill 28 children and one teacher. However, UN Ambassador Susan Rice immediately went on multiple news channels and stated that she received personal assurance from Assad himself that no chemical weapons were used in the slaughter.

While I’m sure this bold statement by our president will earn him another Nobel peace prize, I don’t think the Syrian people are impressed.

After all, the Syrian regime has been very successful in killing its own people (more than 40,000 so far) without having to resort to the use of sarin gas.

jim willoughby


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