Time to build a community pool

OlympiaDecember 17, 2012 

You know where our community is far behind most cities? Most people don’t, which is why we still don’t have a community swim pool. The benefits would include recreation, safety and income. Make a large pool in a central area and swim teams would flock to it. Income would come from renting lanes out to swim teams. Speaking from personal experience, a coach would have to be insane not to have his swimmer train in a 50-meter pool, if one was an option.

Look at the King County Aquatic Club: It produces large amounts of revenue from renting lanes and hosting swim meets. If we had a pool like this, not only would it produce money for the pool but it would help local businesses grow when big meets come to town. The swimmers and spectators need places to spend the night. Teaching children to swim would be an instant safety upgrade. On hot summer days everyone wants a refreshing swim. Add a small water park with a slide and a few water fountains to enhance the recreational use of the pool. Also, since lane lines can be removed, it would be a large refreshing resort for all ages.

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