Don’t forget those in need

OlympiaDecember 18, 2012 

I am writing to let people know that during the Christmas season to keep all of the American families in need in mind. I am a person who has worked hard for a long time to provide for my family and have never made more than $15,000 a year. Every year it is a struggle to give my children a good Christmas and every year I have to apply for help, and received help two times. I have applied for job after job over a number of years with not much luck. Right now I got a $400 pay cut just before Christmas. I am waiting to find out about a sponsor for my children. The only thing I want for Christmas is for my children to enjoy it and to get a job that will pay enough to make it every year.

There are more people out there that need help during Christmas then just the military, which really they don’t because they have a steady income. I’m tired of listening to the wealthy talk about their holiday plans. It is people like me and all others that really need something – at least for our children.

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