Ignition interlocks should be mandatory

OlympiaDecember 18, 2012 

One would think given the numbers of DUI arrests and convictions, as well as the injuries and fatalities that continue to take place, that ignition interlocks would be mandated.

Even judges and other members of law enforcement aren’t exempted when it comes to members of society who are caught while driving intoxicated. Making it a standard nationwide policy to have all cars on our nation’s roads and highways to have an alcohol ignition interlock installed would lead to a much safer society. To those who would scream that their civil rights are being trampled: Remember, driving is a privilege.

We could do away with all the horrific stories of impaired drivers walking away from an accident that leaves others dead or maimed for life. A perfectly reasonable idea to me would likely never come to pass. The vast sums of money generated by DUI arrests is too attractive a source of funds to give up. Besides, what are people’s lives and peace of mind really worth in the long run? Apparently, not enough to do anything to keep it from happening again.

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