Gov.-elect Inslee noncommittal to Gregoire's budget proposals

Staff writerDecember 18, 2012 

Gov.-elect Jay Inslee, a Democrat, put out a brief statement about the two-year budget proposals that out-going Gov. Chris Gregoire announced  this morning. The Gregoire plans include various tax increases or extensions of existing taxes, and Inslee campaigned on a no-new-taxes platform that did allow for closure of tax loopholes.

Here’s the statement from Inslee’s spokesman:

Statement from Governor-Elect Jay Inslee’s spokesman Sterling Clifford regarding Governor Gregoire’s proposed budget
“Governor Gregoire’s budget reflects the seriousness of the challenges ahead and Governor-Elect Inslee appreciates her thoughtful effort and determination to address Washington’s fiscal reality. In the upcoming legislative session, Governor-Elect Inslee will lay out his own budget priorities that reflect his vision for state government and his commitment to create a lasting economic recovery with secure jobs for Washington's middle-class.”

Our earlier post about Gregoire’s proposals is here.

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