Politics as always in the Senate

OlympiaDecember 26, 2012 

George Orwell would be proud of the Washington state Senate. The new coalition of control which has all of the Senate Republicans and two of the Senate Democrats crows about “bipartisanship.” Republican Mark Schoesler and Democrat Rodney Tom claim the burning issues will now operate independently of party affiliation. Yet, in order to operate at all, 100 percent of all the Republicans must vote in unison. And of course, Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon must also vote with the R’s.

Note that Tom has indicated that although some Senate D’s are likely to support this coalition, he gave no indication that any R would cross over. Why would they? To do so, would break up their control.

This is bipartisanship? I think not. Key committees will still have a Republican majority plus two (counting Tom and Sheldon). This is all about domination and power, not about a new spirit of working toward a common good. The only “good” going on here is the clever power play by the R’s who have tapped into the egos of Sens. Sheldon, Tom, and Pam Roach to wrest control of the Senate. Orwell would understand this.

Anyone who believes that a new kumbaya spirit will now prevail in the Senate should remember that the difference between the Boy Scouts and the Senate is that the Scouts are led by adults.

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