Get right expert for mold removal

January 2, 2013 

The last time we met, I wrote about a couple in Elkins Park, Pa., who were dealing with the expensive cleanup of a purported mold problem that began with a routine energy audit.

In the homeowners’ defense — which they failed to mention in their first email to me — they had obtained other estimates and had done as much homework as civilians can do on problems that often require an impartial expert.

As usual, and this is why I treasure my readership, your response to this situation came fast and furious.

Charles Naumowicz, president of Cougar Builders in Slatington, Pa., said, “I agree with you. Get rid of that contractor fast.”

It took him several tries, but Naumowicz found a mold remediation company he was happy with and recommends to others, “because they were honest and do a good job,” especially with one job he called “nightmarish.”

In the Elkins Park situation, the contractor filed a claim with the homeowners’ insurance company for the cleanup.

I had suggested that they call the insurer and cancel the claim, but reader Luci Giancova, a veteran of 31 years in property management, cautions that “once a problem has been reported to an insurance company, it is on record as a claim, even though you cancel the claim and do not collect a dime.”

So be careful.

Reader Vinny G. wrote that he owned a waterproofing company during the “golden years” of mold remediation.

“It never ceased to amaze me how gullible people were. We lost more work because we were not ‘mold remediation’ specialists like some of my peer companies — meaning we didn’t send salesmen to Las Vegas for a weekend to get a certificate.”

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