Congress: It’s time to get to work

OlympiaJanuary 4, 2013 

Authority requires a balance between power and responsibility. One can’t have authority without the responsibility to fulfill the objectives required by those who authorized the individual/agency. In the case of our Congress, we citizens voted our representatives into office with the authority to represent our needs as a society. As the “fiscal cliff” drew closer, we as a society recognized those whom we voted into office are lacking the responsibility to do the job that we hired them to do.

While more than 80 percent of the populace believes taxes should be raised on the wealthy, our Congress disagrees. So who are they representing if they’re not representing their constituents? Such lack of responsibility is the cause leading to what has been referred to as the “nanny state.” When an individual or organization fails to fulfill its duties in a responsible manner, someone or another agency/organization has to do the job instead. The irresponsible party may find this as an attack on their ability to complete the task as designated, hence their proclamation that they have been forced to live in a “nanny state.”

So, Congress, should we citizens continue down the same road with you or should we find someone else who is truly capable of doing the job we hired you to do? And remember, the last election, fortified with “Citizens United” money, didn’t necessarily get those elected who posted the most cash. Partisan issues aside, it’s time to get to work!

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