Young adults do have options

LaceyJanuary 7, 2013 

R egarding The Olympian editorial on New Year’s Day concerning a resolution to reduce the area’s youth homelessness, I am amazed at the amount of able-bodied young people who choose to live on the streets. Lets focus on the individual responsibility of these young adults. Washington state has the highest baseline minimum wage in the nation, yet these irresponsible outcasts would rather stand on a street corner begging for cash – in full view of the help-wanted signs posted at local businesses – than become a contributing factor to society. We all have options. Some choose wisely, others choose irresponsibly. I am not opposed to helping out the needy, like that obviously homeless gentleman at the intersection of Fourth Avenue and Capitol Way who spit at my wife’s feet when she offered him some food. Apparently it wasn’t food he craved.

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