Handguns often used to stop school killings

LaceyJanuary 9, 2013 

The day has come and gone when you could trust the media to report the news accurately. Our nation is trying to recover from a terrible tragedy of 28 people, including 20 children, being murdered in Sandy Hook Connecticut by a madman. The liberal media and our government leaders used this tragedy to once again press for gun control instead of doing something about the source of the tragedy – mental illness.

Because of the liberal media’s bias against guns, we never hear of the situations where a gun saved the lives of defenseless people being attacked by madmen on a killing spree.

In 1997, an assistant principal who armed himself with a handgun stopped a mentally ill student who had shot nine other students at a high school and was on his way to the junior high to continue his killing spree there. Of the 687 articles written that day about the incident only 19 mentioned that a handgun had been used to stop the killing.

In 2002 a college student went to his college and shot five people. Two armed students forced him to drop his weapon. A third student took him down and they held him until the police arrived. Of the 88 articles written on the story only two mentioned that the use of firearms ended the killing spree.

What you read today is not news, it is opinion.

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