Let the red states support themselves

TumwaterJanuary 10, 2013 

After the 2012 election, perhaps it’s time to address our “southern problem.”

While most of the South overwhelmingly voted for the job-destroying, tax-robbing plutocrat, the new America demographic rose up across our nation and voted Romney into the dustbin of history.

The radical conservatives now stumble around in a state of shock, denial, and anger. And a number of good ol’ red-state-boys have started calling for a new southern secession. I’m going to support the formation of this new confederacy. I urge them to keep building walls on their southern border.

And here in the North, we can build similar walls to inoculate our blue state culture from the germ of bigoted, know-nothing hatred. At last, the working and fair-minded majority will no longer have to fear or financially support those who love to live in the Fox bubble.

As I head to the inaugural balls to celebrate a new America, I look southwards and ask, “Dear Red States, don’t let the door hit you as you exit.”

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