Allow people to sleep overnight at city hall

OlympiaJanuary 10, 2013 

I am ashamed of my City Council members who voted in favor of banning people from sleeping under the eves of Olympia City Hall, where my tax dollar pays for a security guard to protect this property all night long.

Why shouldn’t that protection include people who have nowhere to be safe at night? Surely that is better use of my tax dollar than keeping graffiti artists at bay. Thank you, Councilman Jim Cooper for your stand.

I am fully aware that decisions by national and state legislators are increasing homelessness and depositing these “problems” into our cities and neighborhoods, but you are our elected officials and we depend on you to lead with humanity and justice toward all Olympia’s citizens, not just those with property to protect.

Pushing the homeless out of the downtown community might make those with homes feel safer, but will result in those without homes being unsafe.

Your discomfort is not equal to the threat of rape or murder.

I want the conversation that Mayor Stephen Buxbaum promised and some real solutions on the table that protect the dignity of all Olympia citizens!

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