Are we really all in health care together?

OlympiaJanuary 13, 2013 

Repeat falsehoods long enough and they become facts? “Entitlement” has morphed into a pejorative term, which home/car insurance policy holders would not tolerate, because they insist on fair reimbursement for damages or loss.

Social Security is a social insurance paid into by workers for their retirement benefits. Some never earned enough to save or invest, or they distrusted Wall Street. Their pay-outs vary according to their pay-ins.

When looking at health care “we” are not at all “in this together.” Aside from genetic predispositions (some of which even can be overcome by right lifestyles, nutrition, supplements and exercise), the lack of available and affordable healthful food has drastically altered human appearances into grotesque critters that leaner generations would regard as waddling circus attractions.

This demands serious investigation: Which manufacturers (most sneak high fructose corn syrup into just about everything) and pharmaceutical companies (who reap fortunes from questionable products) are in favor of healing people who want to be healed?

Twentieth-century American medicine dogmatically managed diseases instead of striving to heal. Today, doctors such as Daniel Amen, Joel Fuhrman, Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz endeavor to re-educate the misguided by recommending age-old natural and modern remedies to sustain and prolong life.

Thus, if we are supposed to be in health care together, we need to be able to trust doctors, big pharma and our own wisest choices to live leaner, healthier, longer enriched inner lives.

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