Right to bear arms serves dual purposes

OlympiaJanuary 17, 2013 

I know the issue of violence with firearms is a hot button for many. I also understand the cost of freedom.

How are those related? Those of you who may have studied our founding, and the basis of our Constitution, will certainly understand that the Second Amendment is not about hunting and target shooting. Rather, it is clearly there for a dual purpose.

That purpose is to provide protection and self-defense of you and your family, and to stand guard against tyrannical government. When you call the police, it is not with an expectation that they will stop a crime in progress, but rather that they might catch the crook and take them to the courts for appropriate action after the fact. The results of their actions are already said and done. If that happens to include killing you or a loved one, that is beyond their control.

Such is the grossly unfortunate outcome at Newtown, Conn. If you understand that the Japanese did not attempt to invade the continental U.S. during World War II for fear of all the armed citizens, you will see that the Second Amendment is not just a relic of 200-plus years ago.

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