Judge Tabor out of step with community

OlympiaJanuary 20, 2013 

So Judge Tabor won’t perform same-sex marriages. Are interracial marriages or marriages between disabled people next on the list of weddings Tabor will not perform?

While serving in the role of a judge, his personal values or philosophical and religious views should be left at home and out of the courtroom.

Tabor should resign if he cannot and will not execute judicial neutrality. Being a judge does not entitle him to cherry-pick the federal and state constitution and laws he will or will not abide by.

As a judge, all parties who seek any of the duties allowed him deserve same and equal treatment whether it be for marriage, divorce, civil or criminal proceedings. So can a married same-sex couple win a civil case against their straight neighbor if the judge has an avowed philosophical and religious view that prevents him from performing their marriage?

This community overwhelmingly voted with the rest of the state in the approval of same sex marriages.

Tabor, if you cannot uphold the law and perform this civil rite as a judge, you should consider a career change to leading a parish congregation where you can fulfill your philosophical and religious beliefs with a community that shares your views.

If Tabor cannot find his way to support all laws neutrally, he should resign.

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