5 ideas to improve the Legislature

OlympiaJanuary 25, 2013 

Issues to be addressed by the Legislature: Drug testing is required before any unemployment or welfare payments are made. If the drug test is failed, no payments are made (base it on the Florida law).

If any welfare or assistance credit cards are used in casinos, card rooms, or houses of ill repute or fraudulently used to procure cash, the card will immediately be confiscated, and that individual will be barred from receiving another card for three years (or life?).

Any projects resulting in new construction will require that maintenance funding be estimated, and the source of that funding be identified.

The budget will henceforth be the first legislation passed by the Legislature. Until the budget is completed, no other legislation can be voted on by either house. (In the last budget session, three special sessions were required, yet there were no public debates since the work was all done off-site. Why can’t this off-site work be completed between regular sessions?

If anyone driving a vehicle is stopped for any reason and they cannot provide proof of insurance, the vehicle will be impounded.

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