National Cathedral is not nation’s spiritual center

OlympiaJanuary 26, 2013 

The so-called National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., has decided to conduct gay marriages. We are reminded of Hollywood where the evil king co-opts the bishop to do some wrong thing for the king’s political will. The faithful suffer. You know, like “The Princess Bride,” or the real-world Henry VIII.

The dean of the National Cathedral admitted his political motives: “this step follows the results made clear in this past November’s election.” Despite the dean’s political ambitions, eight states is not a majority and this Christian-based nation still does not embrace gay marriage.

The cathedral is the de-facto church of the nation because of its size, splendor and location. It has hosted many national services but to say it is the national spiritual center is like saying that St. Martin’s Pavilion is the spiritual home of the Olympia high schools because they hold graduations there.

The Episcopalians who own the cathedral are a denomination with a membership less than the population of New Mexico. Their social agenda, which replaced their evangelical agenda, has cost them two-thirds of their membership since 1960 and more than the entire population of Lacey and Olympia in 2009 alone. In the southern hemisphere, where the social needs of the congregations are greater than here but the denomination’s emphasis on salvation is paramount, the Episcopalian church is growing.

If this political pandering continues among Episcopalians up north, I suspect the Baptists may be able to buy the cathedral cheap in a few years.

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