Recent letters show stunning ignorance

OlympiaJanuary 27, 2013 

The stunning ignorance of the left is chronicled in three letters to the editor in the Jan. 19 edition of The Olympian.

The first writer wants the National Rifle Association to be listed as a terrorist organization. The second asks why we need automatic assault weapons and the third mocks another writer for pointing out that handguns are the firearm of choice in most shootings.

If the NRA is a terrorist organization, why isn’t the ACLU? They both work to uphold the Constitution, don’t they? Secondly, the AR-15 is not an “automatic assault weapon.” It is a .223 caliber rifle. It can be accessorized with many add-on features, none of which make it any more dangerous than many hunting rifles.

Lastly, the government is trying to change human behavior with more laws. More intrusive laws will not make a difference. The 1994 assault weapons ban had no effect at all in curbing gun related violence. This writer, a well-known ex-politician, is pushing emotion rather than fact, a common failing of leftist politicians and followers.

New York acted on emotion and now their police officers are breaking the law, as written. Isn’t it time to blame the perpetrators rather than the tool they use? We coddle criminals and handcuff legal firearms owners. It’s time to get away from “feel good” legislation.

I am a proud member of the NRA, and I am definitely not a terrorist nor are any other members I know.

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