Assault is a crime, so ban the weapon

LaceyJanuary 29, 2013 

In the recent spate of interest in gun control, a couple of issues seem to stand out. No civilian should own an assault weapon. As per the name, they are designed to assault. In the civilian sector, assault is a crime. Think about it.

Please don’t try to convince me that they are necessary for home or personal protection. I’m not anti-gun and I own firearms with which I can defend myself and my home and property without having to expend dozens of rounds spraying down the area.

Another issue is arming teachers. The odds of a minimally trained person succeeding as a gunslinger in a public setting are questionable. Many of us with relevant experience know that there is a world of difference between bringing down an elk at a hundred meters or blazing away at paper targets and a firefight with somebody who wants you dead.

Take assault weapons out of the public arena, make possession a felony and stop selling any firearms without a complete background check and proof of competence. Our forefathers would understand.

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