Answers for a few recent letter writers

TumwaterFebruary 4, 2013 

A recent letter writer suggested we should consider the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Rifle Association in the same light. OK, let’s see.

ACLU issues: discrimination, voting rights, women’s rights, unlawful search and seizure.

NRA: More guns, and more guns, and more guns.

Gosh, I guess we gotta award the NRA the moral high ground.

The same letter writer indicated the AR-15 was just a .22 caliber hunting rifle. Doesn’t the “AR” stand for assault rifle? My Webster’s defines “assault” as “an attack,” not as hunting or (as others would claim) defense.

Anyway, the only people who hunt with a .22 are 14 year-olds shooting at squirrels and beer bottles. Do they need a rapid-fire rifle?

Another writer suggested that severe gun-ownership restrictions would probably not reduce murders by firearms. She’s probably right. But, does that mean we should allow unrestricted ownership of firearms with mass killing potential? Or that we shouldn’t require gun registration?

If that would’ve saved only one of the Sandy Hook children, wouldn’t you have done it?

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