Let anyone own a 1791 musket

LaceyFebruary 5, 2013 

The tirade of Linda King (Olympian 1/28/13) against those seeking gun restrictions in this country was both amusing and pathetic. Everyone, it seems, who doesn’t tout the NRA position is acting out of fear or ignorance.

She went on to offer a rather bizarre list of 13 countries where she claims gun control backfired (pun intended). I suggest her scholarship be expanded a bit to include countries such as Japan, a nation of 130 million, which had only seven gun murders in 2011.

Compare that with the U.S., with a population of 311 million, that had 8,583 murders. (It gets worse when you compare accidental injuries and deaths).

I suggest a compromise solution: Embrace the beloved Second Amendment, but restrict it to the weapon available to the public when it was enacted, to-wit: a musket.

All other weapons should be banned or controlled, as they do in Japan.

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