Beware the GOP Trojan Horse riding into 2016

SheltonFebruary 7, 2013 

With election over, the Republican Party is licking its wounds and mulling over a change in tactics. With no clear, consistent message, the party has decided it might be time to put on a new facade in order to win an election. Mind you, it does not have to be an in-depth change of party beliefs but rather a tweak in image and statements just different enough to fool the people and win an election.

Have we become so foolish as to think the basic Republican premises of today can and will be changed in one election cycle? While party candidates might change, the right-wing fanatics, the donors with deep pockets, and corporate backers will retain their elitist mentality and disdain for the middle class and poor for years to come.

Republican willingness to sink our international credit rating, sacrifice the middle class, and take away a woman’s productive rights shows the extent of the right-wing’s disgust for all who do not accept their beliefs and visions.

Beware of the Republican Trojan Horse of 2016. Though the message may change, somewhat, the people who make up the party will take years to evolve into a political unit which can work for everyone.

Real change is working for the people not for the party.

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