Stepping up to protect others on the highway

OlympiaFebruary 8, 2013 

Concerning the 80-year-old drunken man with Alzheimers who drove the wrong way on state Route 16 in Tacoma on New Year’s Day, endangering numerous motorists and the brave cops who risked their lives to stop him.

Why was this man’s name not mentioned in the article, nor his wife’s? To protect them? How far are you willing to go to protect people who are a grave danger to others?

His wife of 57 years says she has taken steps to make sure her husband can’t access alcohol or the car keys any more.

She also said her husband totaled a second car just five days prior to this state Route 16 death ride.

I get that she is old. I empathize that she was hospitalized.

She has too much to deal with and she isn’t dealing with it, she is acting powerless (“I can’t put him in a home if he doesn’t want to go”).

Many people have had to make their sick relatives go to Alzheimer’s facilities before they killed someone.

It’s not easy, but you step up to the plate. Call Claire Bridge and they’ll give you advice and help.

Kudos to Gig Harbor Police Officer Joe Hicks and Pierce County Sheriff Deputy Jacob Kreis. You stopped this roving bullet.

Too bad that, as a society, we don’t seem willing to.

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