Little things you can do to slow down Earth’s end

OlympiaFebruary 10, 2013 

Anthony Leiserowitz, a pro-climate change advocate, recently explained to Bill Moyers how the U.S .population is divided into certain percentages of 1) seriously researching scientists who work on answers, 2) those who are aware, but feel powerless, 3) those, who are somewhat aware, but don’t care, 4) those, who are oblivious to the global warming threat to our planet, 5) those who talk themselves into any number of reasons why this isn’t so, and 6) those big-shot companies that prosper from the status quo and spread rumors of hoax, which the gullible swallow, turning us toward the abyss.

Environmental disasters have increased at an ever-larger scale. The affected are witnesses. But changes of behaviors out of our comfort zones are either slow in coming or spewed to the wind.

Thoughtful little things we all could do would slow down Earth’s perilous end: 1) Drive only when necessary, car pool, 2) Ban, steeply fine diesel/gas lawn mowers, polluting our lungs, atmosphere, 3) Recycle just about everything, including water used twice, 4) Compost kitchen scraps, yard debris, 5) Replace lawns with herbs, vegetables, bark, 6) Set thermostats lower, wear woolens, blankets, 7) Burn firewood only during emergencies, 8) Be aware of wildlife’s interaction with humans, we need pollinating bees, and 9) Don’t smoke!

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