Get a little sporty with your sweetie on most romantic of holidays

February 10, 2013 

Valentine’s Day might conjure up visions of chocolate candy and decadent dinners, but if you plan right, a good date can also burn calories.

(Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m not talking about that.)

Why not skip dating staples, such as dinner and a movie, and try something more active for Valentine’s Day.

Here are four ideas:


My wife recently surprised me with a trip to Sky High Sports for our anniversary. This is a massive warehouse in Bellevue packed with trampolines. The offerings include trampoline dodgeball, a large area with trampoline floors and walls, and a foam pit for attempting flips.

Within an hour, we had mastered the front flip and the ability to do the flying splits. Well, my wife mastered the flying splits. Pictures later revealed that I’m about as flexible as a bar of steel. I looked more like I was riding an invisible horse.

Nevertheless, it was a blast and we left feeling like we got in a good workout.

Don’t get too carried away though. I rolled my ankle trying to jump off the wall. It wasn’t serious although I almost broke the facility’s “No Swearing” rule.

The Bellevue Reporter reported last month that Sky High Sports, while still operating, has filed for Chapter 11 and has faced “a number of lawsuits after injuries sustained at the facility.”

Try it: Sky High Sports, Bellevue. $12 per person for the first hour. Additional hours are $8 each on Mondays and Thursdays.

Trampoline Nation, Federal Way. $11 per person for the first hour. Additional hours are $8 Mondays through Fridays.


I asked the folks at Emerald City Trapeze awhile back about the fear of falling.

It’s not falling from the trapeze you should worry about, they said, worry about falling for the trapeze.

Not only is it a great way to get in shape, it’s certain to be a memorable date and a more enjoyable way to exercise than pedaling a stationary bike.

Classes are designed to ease participants into the sport. Emerald City Trapeze even offers a date night special. Participants must be 18 or older and weigh less than 250 pounds.

Try it: Emerald City Trapeze Arts, Seattle. $74 per couple.


I’ve never actually been on a yoga date, but I do know this:

First, yoga exercises are great for building core strength, increasing flexibility, relaxing and preventing injuries.

Second, it seems a large portion of the Internet has been reserved for articles about how yoga can improve your sex life.

I’ll let you research that one yourself.

Try it: The South Sound has numerous yoga studios and many gyms that offer classes. Classes are included in membership prices at local YMCAs.


This one is a bit risky. Zumba, a Latin dance workout, is definitely good exercise and it’s wildly popular. And if you’ve ever seen a class, you know the participants are about 95 percent female.

Still you might score major points with your significant other if you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone just to spend time with her.

Then again, you might not.

I promised my wife, who once loved Zumba more than she did me, that I would attend a class with her. It’s important to know that I’m the world’s worst dancer. My wife knows this, but still was giddy to have me on her turf.

But, as I said, when I try to dance it isn’t pretty. People laugh. Children cry.

After about 30 minutes or so, I noticed Kristen was moving away from me. Later, she confessed she was starting to get a little embarrassed.

Lucky for us, she’s used to being embarrassed by me, so we still considered it a fun and definitely memorable date.

Although she’s yet to suggest we do this again.

Try it: Pretty much every gym in America offers Zumba or something similar.


Olympia’s Motion in Balance studio will host a foot care workshop on Feb. 23 from 9-11 a.m. Registration costs $20.

Motion in Balance owner Rachel Friedman says participants will learn how to alleviate foot pain. They will learn exercise and self foot massage techniques.

“Foot care is very important,” Friedman said. “If you have foot problems it can move up to your hips and back.”

For more information, visit

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