Lose party labels, work on the issues

OlympiaFebruary 13, 2013 

When I read letters to the editor – and especially follow-up posted comments – I am usually struck by the mind-numbing boredom of small minds. Especially when the subject has to do with social or political issues, people toss insults and accusations tied to labels such as liberal or conservative, right-wing versus left-wing, progressive, socialist, Democrat versus Republican, etc.

There is no intelligent thought behind such behavior; simply emotion.

Last night I watched a town-hallish gathering featuring members of Congress who belong to a group named No Labels, made up of Republicans and Democrats who are tired of the frozen-mind syndrome that has taken over politics at the national level and have decided to work together on important issues without looking at each other as Republican, Democrat or independent.

Every member of Congress needs to drag himself or herself up to that level of consciousness.

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