Dog poop is ruining Rainier Vista Park

LaceyFebruary 17, 2013 

Here’s a New Year’s resolution for people who walk their dogs in public parks: pick up the poop.

I walk my dog in Lacey’s Rainier Vista Park almost every day. The park has signs directing dog walkers to pick up their pooch’s poop. Free plastic bags hang right next to the signs. Dogs also are supposed to be kept on leash while in the park.

But so many people allow their dogs to run free in the park and don’t pick up their dog’s poop. It’s disgusting.

Rainier Vista is a family park teeming with other walkers, soccer players, softball players, rugby players and military spouses.

Thanks to all the rude dog owners who use the park as their dog’s personal bathroom, you have to be very careful where you play.

I understand the reluctance to glove up with a plastic baggy and clean up after Brutus or Fifi, but probably nothing in this world smells as bad as dog poop when you get it on your shoes. Park employees shouldn’t have to shovel dog excrement off the park grass either.

People, if you’re going to have a dog, pick up your dog’s poop. Don’t let your dog roam around in the park unattended so it can poop wherever it wants. Keep it on a leash like you’re supposed to, carry a pick-up bag or take a free one, and scoop the poop.

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