23 trees downed, most of them sick

They were either damaged, infested or in the line of sight of drivers or pedestrians

rboone@theolympian.comFebruary 19, 2013 

A three-man crew kept busy on Presidents Day removing 23 trees in the area of 11th Avenue and Washington Street in downtown Olympia.

The trees — 19 Monterey shore pines, three cedars and one white birch — were removed because of damage caused by insects and a storm last year or because the trees were blocking

sightlines for pedestrians and drivers, according to the state Department of Enterprise Services. Most were about 15 to 20 feet tall.

Crews with Arbor Care Tree Specialists of Astoria, Ore., began removing the trees about 8 a.m. and were expected to be finished Monday afternoon.

Here’s how the landscape changed Monday:

 • The pines were removed from above-ground concrete planter boxes near the northwest corner of the Natural Resources Building. They also were removed from beds above the 11th Avenue entrance to the parking garage and in a row along 11th Avenue.

 • The cedar trees were removed from the southeast corner of Washington Street and 11th Avenue.

 • The white birch was removed from the south side of the Pritchard building.

Enterprise Services will not replace the trees in the planter boxes, but instead will plant medium and low-growing native shrubs that do not require as much maintenance.

“The boxes do not have fall-protection for workers, making it difficult to maintain trees and taller shrubs,” Enterprise Services said in a statement.

The shore pines along 11th Avenue, and on either side of the parking garage, will not be replaced immediately because the best replacement species are still being researched.

The cost to remove the trees, plus grind nine stumps, was $3,800, according to Enterprise Services spokesman Steve Valandra.

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