Firearms hinder intelligent conversation

OlympiaFebruary 21, 2013 

How can we have an intelligent conversation about the public health problem of gun violence with people who present their point of view while brandishing lethal weapons on the grounds of the state Capitol?

How can we talk with our legislators about the meaning of three important but often ignored words in the Second Amendment, “well-regulated militia,” when it’s likely that they are carrying concealed weapons as they perform their legislative duties?

As a reasonably intelligent person I don’t walk in the woods during hunting season and I don’t try to talk with people who carry guns. I do the only sensible thing – I run from people who carry guns because I don’t want to be either the target or the collateral damage.

So the intelligent conversation will not begin with me, because I’m feeling threatened. There are now more guns in the U.S. than there are people, and even more armament is flying off the gun store shelves in a frenzy of acquisition.

Is everyone feeling safer now? Except me?

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