Gun-totin’ protest defeated its purpose

OlympiaFebruary 23, 2013 

The more I look at the photo on the front page of Sunday’s Olympian of those gun-totin’ defenders of the Second Amendment, the more I think those guys would be ideal poster children for a serious gun control ad campaign. The state Capitol building in the background is an especially nice touch.

Of course, civil discourse with a bunch of guys armed to the teeth gets a little tricky, but then intimidation was what this demonstration was all about, right? (I do wonder how many legislators are listing kevlar vests on their expense reports these days.)

The only thing missing from the photo was the playground bully, bad-ass attitude sound bites captured by the TV news crews covering this exercise in democracy.

So keep it up, guys. You did more to horrify the rest of us and fuel the need for gun control with your demonstration than you might ever know.

By the way, I have skin in this game. I’m a gun owner who supports most of the gun control measures being introduced by elected officials who refuse to be cowed by these tactics. These are the people who will get my financial support and votes during the next election cycle, to say nothing of my thanks for their courage.

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