Flash: Evil dictator did not take England

OlympiaFebruary 26, 2013 

Just read about the 91 shooting deaths across the country between Jan. 19 and 21, the weekend the nation marked the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. and ushered a president into his second term. Pretty tragic, don’t you think?

Most interesting is the fact that none of the victims were able to successfully defend themselves even if they had a gun because a shooter has the advantage of surprise and there’s no way to react fast enough to pull out your own weapon. That’s the cold bitter truth.

In England, for example, guns were heavily restricted decades ago and only police and military are permitted to possess one. And guess what, that country didn’t get taken over by a dictator – an irrational fear radical conservatives in America have been indoctrinated with by the gun lobby and their own self delusion.

The only reasonable solution is to radically increase restrictions on gun ownership to protect the thousands of innocent Americans who are killed every year by people who don’t have any sensible reason to own one. The next innocent victim may be someone you know or, God forbid, your favorite relative.

Apart from Obama’s politics, he did make a valid point recently when he said gun ownership restrictions won’t eliminate gun violence but it will keep fewer victims out of the killed-by-a-gun column in the paper. Ninety-one lost souls in one weekend – what a tragedy!

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