Nation’s tax policy favors the wealthy

OlympiaFebruary 28, 2013 

Over the past half-century, our nation has gradually evolved into what social scientists call a caste system. Sixty million affluent people are now socially and often geographically isolated from the remainder of the population. This group is now mistakenly called the middle class.

The process was described in an early 2012 book by Charles Murray entitled “Coming Apart.” The primary reason for creation of this group has been the taxation policies of both Democrats and Republicans that have strongly favored affluent people for most of the 50-year period. The easiest way to understand what has happened is to tour the various communities east of Lake Washington and think about the meaning and significance of what you observe. Similar areas exist throughout our country.

When politicians talk about helping the middle class, this is what they are really talking about. These are the people that provide funding and other forms of support for their campaigns.

There are much better alternatives available that would benefit all Americans but they could only be pursued by a viable third political party.

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