Tiger cub makes ‘astounding’ recovery, is sent home

Staff writerMarch 2, 2013 

A Malayan tiger cub who had been ill all week was released from the animal hospital Friday and was in “very good” condition, according to Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium veterinarians.

Berani returned to the Asian Forest Sanctuary in the morning, immediately greeting foster brother Dumai with vocal sounds. They are being kept apart to prevent them from roughhousing while Berani recovers.

Berani fell ill Monday and underwent surgery. His condition slowly improved all week.

“This is an animal who has made an astounding recovery,” zoo veterinarian Karen Wolf said.

After being placed back in the exhibit, zoo staff said Berani nosed around the enclosure, drank water, checked on Dumai and interacted with his keepers.

Wolf said Berani’s illness was probably enterotoxemia, in which toxins produced in the intestines are present in the bloodstream.

He remains on medicine to help his gastrointestinal tract and will have to make do with a bland diet for a few days.

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