Grandparents should have visitation rights

SteilacoomMarch 3, 2013 

Grandparents Rights of Washington State (GROWS) has been working very hard for the past several years to get legislation passed to give good, loving and caring grandparents the right to petition the court for visitation with their beloved grandchildren when the grandparents are unreasonably being kept from them.

We are supporting HB 1934, giving persons with significant relationships including, but not limited to, grandparents standing in court. Going to court should be the very last resort for any family. We strongly recommend families try to work out their problems within the family, then mediation or any way other than going to court.

What a tragic loss for our loving grandchildren, missing visits with their beloved grandparents. Most of us have fond memories of our grandparents cooking, fishing, going to the zoo, doing home work or just some comfy shoulder to lean on. Shouldn’t all children have a right to those wonderful memories?

Let me stress we do not want to take away parents’ rights. Those rights are sacrosanct.

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