Gun lobby laughing all the way to the bank

OlympiaMarch 5, 2013 

The NRA would have us believe they are our only defense against “the government” coming into our homes and wresting grandpa’s shotgun from our hands. Never mind that it’s never been done, and never been proposed by any elected official.

They are doing it again. Works every time. Nothing motivates people to buy something they don’t need like the fear, and the perception of scarcity. People line up outside gun shops at 7 a.m. Sale of these weapons is up 400 percent.

The gun lobby, and those in Congress who serve them, are laughing all the way to the bank. The Second Amendment has become their cash cow.

A ban on the sale of assault weapons, and mandatory background checks for gun buyers have been proposed. Although supported by a majority of the public, it’s likely the gun lobby, and their groveling congressmen will continue to fight these modest proposals as long as their theatrics promote gun sales.

The dead victims of gun violence can’t make campaign contributions, but it seems to me they are more deserving of congressional representation than the gun lobby’s bullies when it comes to drafting sensible gun regulations that would promote public safety.

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