Quixote housing plan costly, ill-conceived

OlympiaMarch 5, 2013 

The Quixote housing described in the Feb. 24 issue is a waste of public resources. Thurston County sorely needs the revenues that could come from use of this land for industrial and other commercial uses that could produce sales tax revenues, B&O taxes and family-wage jobs.

This project will consume public funds and precious industrial land, just as the Family and Juvenile Court and the Olympia Bus Barn and the newest county jail have done, rather than producing revenues to the county and state.

The project concentrates at least 30 inhabitants in an area without nearby police protection, endangering other businesses and people in the Mottman Industrial Park. It is not on a bus route. I think idle hands concentrated in that area after normal hours and on weekends when there is no other human presence will result in increased burglaries and property damage.

Even if part of the funds go to the Community Building, and even in the rare event the project does not require more than $2.7 million, this suggests each housing unit will cost approximately $80,000. I think the county could find a few acres on the outskirts of The Evergreen State College, and relocate a few dozen used mobile homes at much lower cost.

The county should cancel the ill-conceived Mottman housing project.

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