Folly of the sequester dooms Republicans

SteilacoomMarch 6, 2013 

The far-right Republican cult passed the sequester and fulfilled their dream of sabotaging the Obama presidency. They had a chance to work on a compromise last week, but since Republicans control the congressional schedule, they opted for a “work week” and forced everyone in the House to leave.

President Barack Obama has a deficit-reduction package on the table, half taxes, half budget cuts. Nothing could be more fair and balanced. But Republicans won’t deal. When poor children in Head Start programs and their teachers are denied education and employment, Republicans will say, “The effects of these cuts are exaggerated,” because no one notices the poor.

The rich will still have their deductions for vacation homes, yachts and private jets.

When scientific research into diabetes and cancer is defunded, Republicans will shrug because they don’t believe in science. When sequester cuts weaken our military readiness Republicans will say, “Obama doesn’t defend the nation.”

These Republican saboteurs hate Obama more than they love America. They want America to fail under our first black president, because they desperately fear the fall of white male dominion.

Yet their power is nothing compared to the power of the rainbow, and the one-world family, and Americans know it. Their folly will be the end of the Republican Party.

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