Charging stations needed to go green

LaceyMarch 8, 2013 

This state and all the cities are full of hot air when it comes to green energy. South Sound Mall is the only place I have been able to find any public charging station. We are shown in almost every paper to “go green.” It is on the Internet, the hot air people at the capital, especially the Democrats talk a big talk. But no one is willing to do anything to have charging stations.

I can’t blame the car companies. If the state and cities do not put in the stations, no one is willing to buy them.

Then we have the story in your paper today. These people with gas cars parking in the charging stations slots. So like I said when it comes to green energy, the state officials are full of hot air, the city officials are full of hot air and some public are full of hot air.

For me, I want more green and for the officials: put up or shut your trap.

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