Cyclist agrees with fee to pay for roads

LaceyMarch 13, 2013 

After reading the “Bikes leave footprint” article in the March 5 Olympian, I must say that I agree that a $25 transportation tax on new bicycles over $500 is called for.

Bicycles are vehicles under the definition by the U.S. Department of Transportation regulations. I am a cyclist and a vehicle owner and use my bike to commute to work three to four times a week. I like having a nice safe bike lane to ride in, but I also know they don’t appear by magic, and they’re not free.

The tax on new bikes would be a method to raise money to build and maintain bike lanes. I will even suggest that instead of a flat fee we make it a percentage, say 5 percent, of the value of the bike. This way, cyclists would be paying their fair share of the cost of road construction and maintenance.

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