How green are cars that use electricity?

OlympiaMarch 16, 2013 

I am writing in response to the March 8 letter demanding charging stations to power electric cars because we need to “go green.” No disrespect to the writer or to most green-minded people, but I don’t think they are seeing the big picture about how much adverse environmental impact their green cars are creating.

The electricity that comes to power so-called green cars comes from coal-burning power plants or hydroelectric dams. Windmills and solar power just don’t generate enough steady reliable power. So if you demand electric cars, you have to burn more coal and plug more rivers with dams.

Not to mention the fact that the batteries in electric cars are made with materials that are vastly more poisonous than current cars use. Not to mention how and where these materials are mined, processed, assembled and shipped.

Due to all of these factors, is it more environmentally friendly to drive a tank than an electric or hybrid car?

I applaud clean air, land, and water; who doesn’t? However, demanding the government mandate electric car stations is actually encouraging environmental damage, not preventing it.

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