Let’s put an age limit on owning a firearm

OlympiaMarch 17, 2013 

We have decided as a society that alcohol is a dangerous drug and should not be sold to anyone under 21 for their protection as well as our own. We do not sell cigarettes to anyone under 18 for the same reasons. Under current law, you can be 13-years-old and buy a hand gun.

Why not put an age limit on this dangerous item, too? A lot of the gun violence in our country is carried out by adolescent males with hand guns. If it were illegal for them to own them, the guns could be taken away from them and they could be charged with a crime. Over time, I think this could reduce some of the senseless violence that we see every day in our country.

One more thing, could we stop using the names and pictures of people that commit horrible crimes and deny them this way to become famous?

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