Transient youth make fools of city

LaceyMarch 17, 2013 

I do not believe in homeless to start with. Why are they homeless? Do the teens have family; if so, why are they not helping their sons and daughters? If they choose to live outside, why not go to a warmer climate state? Is it because this state, especially the capital city, caters to these do-nothings.

I am tired of these people making a fool of the city fathers, making them take care of these bums, for want of a better word.

Now we are supposed to build housing for them so more of them will pour in from other areas? This state is so liberal that you let these people rule the downtown area to the extent that a lot of people will not go there. Who wants to go to Olympia and have to walk around these people laying around the side walks. Shame on the city.

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